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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
Our center is located at 6368 Windmere Rd. Brooksville FL 34602. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 6:00pm. Our telephone number is (352)799-9277.


What paperwork do I need to enroll my child?

When you enroll your child at our center we will need the following: a completed enrollment packet provided by the center, copy of the child's shot and physical record, and emergency pick up sheet completed.

How many openings are available for my child's class?

Each classroom has a maximum number of children set depending on the age group of the children. The class roster may vary from time to time. The best way to know whether we have an opening in one of our classrooms is to call the center at (352)799-9277. If the class happens to be full, you can submit a form for our waiting list and we can contact you when an opening becomes available.

Will I get a discount for multiple children?

Yes, a discount is given for families with multiple children. Details will be given at the time of enrollment.

Can I bring my child part-time?

Yes. However, you will be charged for a full-time rate. Your child's spot in the classroom is taken and therefore you would need to pay full-time rates in order to maintain his/her placement in the class.

Are there any charges to hold my child's spot when I go on vacation?

Yes. As mentioned above, Your child's spot in the classroom is taken and therefore you would need to pay full-time rates in order to maintain his/her placement in the class.

What are your weekly tuition rates?

In order to give you an exact quote, it is best to contact the center at (352)799-9277 or visit us. We will need to know whether you have CDS, will be applying for CDS, and if you will be enrolling multiple children for an additional discount.

Are there any fees that I need to know about?

Yes. When you enroll your child there is a one time enrollment fee of $25.00. This is per family and not on a per child basis.

What supplies do I need to provide when I enroll my child?

When you enroll your child at our center we will need the following: a Kinder Mat (usually found at Wal-mart), mat cover, pillow and blanket with your child's name on them, a lunch box, a change of clothes to keep at the center, as well as other items listed on the classroom supply sheet. The supply sheet is tailored to the age of the child and their individual needs. You can find the class supply list here.

What does my child need to bring to school daily?

Your child will need to bring the following iterms daily: lunch, drinks and two snacks.

What meals are provided by your center?

If you forget to bring your child's lunch one day, the center will provide it at a cost to you.

Are the children required to take naps?

Our schedules reflect a time for naps/quiet time. Your child is not required to take a nap but must have quiet time for others whom are napping.

What are your discipline procedures?

We use the "time out" discipline at our center. The child is asked to sit down for a small period of time. We use 1 minute per year of age. This time is used to reflect on their previous action and allows them a chance to think about making good choices. After they have sat quietly we discuss these choices

Do you hold parent/teacher conferences?

Yes. We hold parent/teacher conferences in order to inform parents of their child's progress and discuss any issues that need to be addressed. If you would like to request a parent teacher conference, please click here.

Do you administer medication?

Yes. A medication release form must be completed with the medication time, dosage and parent signature beforehand. To print a copy of this form, please click here.

Do you recognize holidays or other days that the county schools have?

No. Our center does not recognize all the holidays or half-days that the county school system recognizes. Our holiday schedule can be found here.

Are there any dress requirements for children?

No, we do not require that our children dress in uniforms or other strict guidelines. The children should however wear appropiate clothing for the their size and dress according to the weather. If the child is attending one of our scheduled outings, it is required that he/she wear a Learning Tree t-shirt. If your child does not have one, please see the directors of the center. Please note that if your child is attending a county school, they will have to follow the school's dress code as well.

What kinds of foods do I needs to prepare for my child's lunch?

We ask that the children bring a healthy meal and drink to school with them. Also, it is important that the meal is ready for heating and serving. Our center cannot prepare the dish, empty food cans into bowls, or other means of preparation. We are only allowed to by the state to heat the food in the microwave. If you have any questions regarding specific food items or any further details, you may speak to one of our staff or the directors.

What are your procedures for extreme weather conditions?

Under extreme weather conditions, if the school system is closed then we ususally close. For hurricanes, tornados, tropical storms, etc we follow the guidlelines passed by the emergency management of Hernando County. Here is a link to the Emergency Management website.

What is the V.P.K. Program?

Here is a link that will answer many of the questions that you may have regarding the V.P.K. program. If you have any further questions, please see the directors of the center.

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