Learning Tree

Meet the Providers

Realizing the impact that a teacher has on a young child, my husband and myself felt that it would be self rewarding to open our hearts to the small children of our community. In 1990, we gathered our thoughts, our ideas and opened the first child care center on the East side of Hernando County. Our two daughters assisted us at the center for many years. It was a wonderful experience for us all and entrusted a great sense of values to our family. It's been over 19 years now and our center has grown immensly. Many of our children have come back to visit us and some have actually worked for us. We've had a lot of great memories and look forward to making many more. For it is the little things that a child does that make our job worth while. Our center has a family atmosphere and our attendees are treated the same. We take pride in the accomplishments that we've made over the years and can see the impact that we've made in our community.

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