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The Pre-School class at our center is comprised of three different classes. They are referred to a Class "A", "B", and "C." The children are taught school readiness from 9-12:00 pm in these classes. The children that are part of the Voluntary Pre-K also known as the V.P.K. program attend classes at no charge to the parent. This is a free service offered to any child age 4 - 5 not currently enrolled in elementary school. The puropse of the program is to prepare the child for elementary school by teaching the appropriate skills required by the school. Those whom are attending this free program have to have their child picked up from the senter at 12:00pm otherwise a fee may be assessed. The children that stay the remaining portion of the day are in the wrap around VPK program. The "Wrap Around" children are required to pay a weekly tuition rate assessed by the center. For this class, the remainder of the day is spent doing age appropriate activities.